Application process

Here we describe your steps to start the job:
from applying for a part-time job at 7-Eleven to the interview.

01 Apply online from our website or by telephone.

On our website, find the 7-Eleven store you want to work at. Press the green 'apply' button on that page and send the filled-out application form. Or visit that store's page and call us using the red '0570' phone number on that page and tell us that you saw our website and seek part-time work. The store will contact you later via email or phone to inform you of your job interview date and time (this may take some time).

02 Prepare your resume.

Please prepare a resume. After filling it out, please paste your photograph on the resume.

03 Attend the interview

After preparing a pen, notebook, resume, etc., please pay enough attention to your appearance, and come to the interview on time for the appointment. We will ask for your request about the working hours and days, so please confirm the terms including the hourly pay and period of employment. Please ask about anything that makes you feel anxious.

04 Decided to work with you

We’ll hand you over the necessary documents such as the contract, so please fill in the necessary information and submit the documents. When the hiring is formalized, there are obligations and responsibilities to fulfill both for you and the store. With each party observing the rules, let us work together to create a working environment that is pleasant for everyone.

05 The first day on the job

Your first day on the job finally arrives. Paying enough attention to your appearance, you come to the store. You may feel your heart beating a little faster, but there is really nothing to worry about. We will first explain the store's management policy and the important rules to observe in your work. Because there are differences in the work to be carried out according to the time of day, we will explain the work that needs to be done in your shift little by little, so that you can gradually learn it.

06 Then go for it!

After the training period, we ask you to work on your own, but you need not worry as senior staff members will help you along the way. Rather than “speed,” please focus on “accuracy” and “politeness” at first. Let's do our best together so that we can provide joy and satisfaction to our customers.
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