I came to Japan in my teens as a student and have learned a lot at 7-Eleven!

BB / 2 years of service

BB came to Japan from Myanmar as a student to learn about automobiles. He tells us what he learned and how he developed by working at 7-Eleven.

BB's profile

I came to Japan two years ago from Myanmar as a student and was still in my teens when I started working at 7-Eleven. My everyday Japanese conversation skills were fine, but my reading skills were weak. With the support of colleagues at 7-eleven, my Japanese has greatly improved.

Working at 7-Eleven is really fun! STORY.01

2 years and 3 months have passed since I came to Japan from Myanmar. Soon after arriving, I started working at 7-Eleven thanks to an introduction from my Burmese friend who came to Japan earlier and is now working with me at 7-Eleven. It makes me feel comfortable working with others from Myanmar.

I chose Japan as my study-abroad destination because I wanted to learn about cars, such as repairs and maintenance. At first, I considered taking a car-related part-time job, but I changed my mind after starting to work at 7-Eleven.

Working at 7-Eleven is fun and easy. So I think I'll keep working here while living In Japan. I never consider quitting.

Even if you can't read or write Japanese very well, you can work at 7-Eleven. STORY.02

Working at 7-Eleven helps me learn Japanese. The first Japanese phrase I learned though the job was 'Agemono ikaga desho ka?' I was so happy when a customer responded by buying one. I've learned more here than at school! In fact, my Japanese is now good enough to live here without trouble.

I still don't read or write Japanese very well, especially kanji. But 7-Eleven has manuals for foreign staff that help me a lot. Work is fun, but I made some mistakes in the beginning.

For example, I once fell asleep while working the midnight shift. The store manager kept warning me afterwards and I appreciated his attention. In Myanmar, my work experience was limited to helping my family. This is my first job as a member of society.

I learned a lot from the manager's advice and guidance. Working at 7-Eleven helped me grow up.

I treasure my experience at 7-Eleven. STORY.03

All of my coworkers, including Burmese friends and Japanese seniors, helped me learn the work. Starting with in-store cleaning, I gradually learned how to operate the cash register, restock and arrange goods, cook and more. Recently, I was put in charge of tasks like ordering instant cup ramen and product display planning. Ordering is interesting because I have to consider the sales floor and weather. I feel happy when the products I order sell well, and sad when they don't.

I wanted to become a full-time 7-Eleven employee, but have to return to Myanmar because of my visa. It's very disappointing. But I'll make good use of my experience, work hard and someday return to Japan.

Owner's comments As the owner, what do you think are BB's good points?

BB is good at ordering instant cup ramen and arranging goods. In the beginning, he seemed nervous, but we supported him and he soon became good enough at his job to order goods. He sounds very happy when the products he ordered sell well, and I find that rewarding, too.

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