Marriage brought me to Japan and 7-Eleven made me love Japan!

BT / 2.5 years of service

BT is married to a Japanese man. She started working at 7-Eleven one month after arriving in Japan. At that time, she wasn't used to speaking Japanese, but now she says she's used to her job and feels fulfilled every day.

BT's profile

She was born and raised in Vietnam and met her husband when he came to Vietnam on business for his trading company. They spent their first eight months after marriage in Vietnam and moved to Japan when her husband finished his work in Vietnam. Two and a half years have passed since she came to Japan.

Living abroad with no friends can be lonesome. I had a disastrous job interview. STORY.01

I had little knowledge of Japan before arriving, but looked forward to living here. At first I had no friends and spent the days alone at home. I couldn't go out alone because I didn't know the area, customs or writing on signs. For one month it was intolerable.

Then I decided to work in my neighborhood and applied for a job on the internet near my place. When I went to the interview, I accidentally went to the wrong store and greatly surprised the manager.

Later, I found the right store and could hardly speak Japanese. But I conveyed my passion by saying 'gambarimasu!' many times.

I got the job and am really grateful to the manager who hired me. As promised, I work very hard every day.

Work is tough when we're busy, but I always try my best. STORY.02

I currently work four to five hours a day from 12:30 to 5 or 6pm. When there are many customers, I get very busy and sometimes feel rushed.

Especially at the beginning, my heart pounded whenever a customer asked me something. But I became used to Japan and the Japanese language, and now enjoy working very much. My favorite task is checking the cash register balance. I'm good at calculation and report to the manager when figures don't match up. The manager's reliance on me motivates me a lot. He recently asked me to handle ordering as well.

One of my tasks is training new staff members. It's fun to learn step by step, just like studying Japanese. I want to learn more so I can handle ordering of perishable products.

I also enjoy it when customers say things like 'Good luck' and 'Where are you from?' Many Japanese customers are kind and motivate me to try harder.

7-Eleven makes me feel good every day! I love my store and Japan more and more! STORY.03

My biggest event in Japan was getting a driver's license. It took a lot of effort to overcome things like language barriers. I studied at a driving school in the morning and worked at the store until the evening. After returning home, I did housework and studied for the exam before going to bed. My life at that time was all about studying. So when I finally got the license, it really made me happy.

免I’m grateful to my manager for supporting my efforts to get a driver’s license. He was flexible with my shifts and helped me study after work.

My current goal is to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I also want to become more used to Japanese foods, which have various flavors ranging from sweet to spicy and bitter. I always get excited when imagining the flavor before trying something new.

7-Eleven has lots of delicious looking products like bentos, baked goods and side dishes. It’s always a pleasure to see new products. I plan to keep studying new things and becoming more familiar with Japan and my job.


Owner’s comments As the owner, what do you think are BT’s good points?

BT is very diligent and always tries her best. When she applied for the job two years ago, she could hardly speak Japanese and kept saying “gambarimasu”. But I decided to hire her because I could feel her enthusiasm. Now she has learned Japanese and various tasks at 7-Eleven. She even gives instructions to new Japanese staff members. I’m surprised at her amazing progress.

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