Keep the store neat and clean so customers can enjoy comfortable shopping.

Cleanliness is one of 7-Eleven's four basic rules for earning customer love. We regularly clean the store inside and outside so customers can always shop in comfort.

Main tasks

  • Cleaning in the store (counters, shelves, floors, restrooms, etc.)
  • Cleaning outside the store (trash cans, windows, parking areas, etc.)

Cleaning is easy! It's almost the same as cleaning at home.

We all share cleaning tasks according to the cleaning schedule to keep the store beautiful and comfortable for customers and staff. View the store from customers' eyes to see how to make it pleasant.

01 Cleaning in the store

We clean counters, display shelves, floors and restrooms, as well as fryers, oden pots, Seven Caf? and more. There are many areas to clean and we share cleaning tasks according to daily schedules to ensure all areas are cleaned.

POINT A manual makes machines easy to clean

Equipment such as Seven Caf? coffee machines, fryers and steamers are cleaned at night when there are fewer customers. Even if you are not good at using machines, a manual provides step by step instructions so you can easily clean them with confidence.

02 Cleaning outside the store

We regularly pick up receipts, bags, cigarette butts and other trash scattered outside the store to keep the area clean. Other cleaning tasks include sweeping and sprinkling the parking areas with water, cleaning trash cans, wiping the windows, etc. according to the cleaning schedule.

POINT Proper scheduling and management are required since there are always customers

Since our stores are open 24 hours a day, cleaning must be conducted during business hours. The schedule is designed to minimize the disturbance of customers constantly entering the store.

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