Ordering and product display planning

It's interesting to see your ideas achieve results. This is the best part of ordering and product display planning.

7-Eleven asks part-time staff to handle ordering of certain goods that they gather information on and predict demand for. It's a big responsibility, but rewarding and fun.

Main tasks

  • Ordering
  • Product display planning
  • POP creation

Ordering, product display planning and POP creation

You not only arrange products neatly, but arrange them to attract customers. This makes the work interesting and improves the quality of your work. So you personally grow and gradually take on more responsibility.

01 Ordering

You'll order products from an assigned category, rather than all goods. Product categories vary by store, but the work is always fun.

Key point Weather and local event information is important when ordering

Since sales of daily goods like bentos are affected by the weather and local events, staff members should stay aware of what's going on. There's a big sense of accomplishment when sales match your predictions.

02 Product display planning

You should creatively consider how to arrange goods to catch customers' eyes. Sometimes the opinions of colleagues can help you achieve a unique and effective arrangement.

Key point What is facing?

Facing is a term used in the retail industry. Customers usually take goods from the front of shelves, leaving empty spaces in front. These empty spaces create a negative impression that the product is not being replenished. Facing is the act of moving the remaining products forward to create a better impression and increase sales.

03 POP creation

POPs in 7-Eleven stores convey the special features of products and commitment of makers. Many are hand-written by our staff. When products are highlighted, they catch more customers' eyes.

Key point What is a POP ad?

POP stands for 'Point of Purchase' and refers to promotional ads placed within shops. When appealing POPs are placed near popular new products, they tend to increase sales.

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