Cash counter service

Serving customers with a smile is a basic rule at 7-Eleven. Greet customers cheerfully with “Irasshaimase”.

Cash counter service includes tasks ranging from cash register checkout to handling of utility bill payments, parcel delivery orders and internet service payments. Even if you’re a beginner, there’s no need to worry because senior staff members provide full support and well-made manuals help you learn the job. Start with a cheerful greeting!

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Main tasks

  • Checkout, bagging and other cash counter services
  • Selling goods at the cash counter (including fast food)
  • Handling services such as public utility bill payment and parcel delivery orders

Cash counter must-see service basics for beginners

The main tasks are customer service at the cash counter, checkout tasks, bagging, selling cash counter goods (such as fast food) and handling services such as utility bill payment and parcel delivery orders. It’s a little complex, but you can learn step by step.

01 Checkout, bagging and other cash counter services

First scan barcodes on goods your customer brings to the counter, then complete checkout tasks while also bagging purchased goods, warming up bentos, etc. Even staff members clumsy with machines can handle our cash registers since the screens display clear instructions.

Key point New POS cash registers simplify your work!

7-Eleven stores are actively introducing new POS cash registers with screens that make operation easy without referring to a manual. This is especially reassuring for foreign staff and seniors.

02 Sales of cash counter goods (nikuman, fried foods, oden, etc.)

Selling popular 7-Eleven fast foods like nikuman and fried foods is another cash counter task. After receiving an order, hand the ordered food to the customer.

Key point Fryer cooking is easy and fail-safe thanks to the automatic timer.

You will also cook fried and other foods in the store. It’s as easy as placing frozen fried food in a fryer and setting the timer. When the time is up, the food basket automatically rises to drain the oil. Then all you have to do is display the food on a shelf.

03 Handling of utility bill payments and parcel delivery orders

Other cash counter services include handling of parcel shipping and receiving, utility bill payments, internet shopping payments, ticket issuance, etc. It may sound like a lot, but cash register screen instructions make all of these tasks easy.

Key point Cash register operation is easy despite diverse payment methods!

7-Eleven accepts many payment methods including nanaco electronic money cards, credit cards and public transport smart cards. But our cash registers make handling these methods easy from the start.

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