セブン-イレブン 浅川簑輪店

Convenience store staff

Seniors, middle aged people are eagerly welcome. Employees of all ages are actively working. No previous experience at a convenience store is required. Feel free to ask for work hour and day adjustments.


  • Masks provided
  • Number of working days per week negotiable
  • Short working hours
  • Long-term work available
  • Working on Saturdays and Sundays welcome
  • Weekday-only shifts available
  • Experience not required
  • Persons with experience welcome
  • Homemakers welcome
  • Students welcome
  • Job-hopping part-timers welcome
  • Double-jobber welcome
  • Special staff benefits are provided
  • Social insurance available
  • Commuting by car OK
  • Commuting by motorcycle OK
  • Commuting by bicycle OK
  • Job training available
  • Promotion to full-time employment at 7-11 store possible
  • Pay raise possible
  • Bonus opportunities
  • No smoking indoors
  • Available work shift / Salary

    (1)22:00 ~ 7:00

    Basic hourly pay 830 yen

    * Basic hourly pay is 1,038 yen , + 25% for working between 22:00 and 5:00

    Minimum working days per week : 2 days or more
    Minimum working hours per day : Negotiable

    (2)17:00 ~ 22:00

    Basic hourly pay 830 yen

    Hourly pay for senior high school students 828 yen

    Minimum working days per week : Negotiable
    Minimum working hours per day : Negotiable

  • Area


Job information


Homemakers can work between house chores. Students can work after school. Seniors can work in a healthy manner. Work the way that best suits your lifestyle!

At 7-Eleven stores, you can enroll in various social insurance programs and work with peace of mind. It's the perfect environment for those who want to work for a long time. Our pay raise system is another important benefit. The more you learn your job, the more your salary can increase. 7-Eleven offers an environment where you can work with a smile.

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10:00-19:00 (Phone calls and job interviews are conducted only in Japanese.)

Apply by phone
0570-031-711 (10:00-19:00) Phone calls and job interviews are conducted only in Japanese.